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Conclusion to Contra Peikoff on Rape?

by Jason Stotts It’s easy enough to make mistakes.  It is not so easy, however, to admit it when you do so and act to correct your mistake.  Admirably, Leonard Peikoff has done just that, recanting his earlier position on rape, saying: I want to correct a significant error I have made in an earlier […]

Formspring: Sex without Love?

by Jason Stotts Another question from a reader from Formspring: What are your thoughts on relationships that are purely sexual in nature and in which there is no expectation of romance or dating? This is a complicated question. From a moral standpoint, this can be done perfectly morally.  I’ve talked about the criteria for this kind of relationship before […]

Formspring: Moral Differences between Sex Acts?

by Jason Stotts I received this question recently, which is partly a response to my answer of the last formspring question “When is Sex Appropriate?“.  The question is this: What is the moral difference between manual, oral and vaginal sex? Is there one? Should one’s standards for partners vary for each of these activities? Why […]

Alcohol and Sex

by Jason Stotts Recently, I went with some friends out to one of the local bars, which is not something that I regularly do.  Frankly, I don’t really enjoy paying way too much for alcohol in a place that’s so loud you can’t hear yourself shout.  However, I’m glad I did go because while there, […]

Contra Peikoff on Swinging

by Jason Stotts Recently, Leonard Peikoff took a question about swinging on his podcast and I think his answer fails to address the reality of swinging and of non-monogamy more generally.  In his analysis, Peikoff glosses over important distinctions that are relevant to a moral analysis of swinging and even goes so far as to […]

Question From A Reader

by Jason Stotts In September of last year, on the old Erosophia, I published an essay called “Objectivism, Masculinity, Femininity, and Homosexuality: Initial Thoughts.”  Recently, I was sent an e-mail, asking some very good questions about the essay and questioning my definitions of masculinity and femininity.  Below, I am going to reprint that letter anonymously, […]

Sex Addiction?

by Jason Stotts To me, the concept of “sex addiction” is quite strange.  To understand why, let’s look at it’s fundamental levels.  First, the concept is trying to define an “addiction” to sex.  So, what is an addiction?  This is where the problem gets tricky.  Can you only be addicted to chemical substances (like alcohol, […]