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Radically Candid Interview

by Jason Stotts I was recently interviewed by the Radically Candid Podcast team on all sorts of topics in sexuality.  If you’re looking for a no-holds-barred, uncensored, whirlwind tour of my sexual theory, this is the interview for you! (LINK) Radically Candid scrapes dangerously close to legitimacy as we welcome Jason Stotts, philosopher and blogger at Erosophia, […]

SoCal Objectivist Lecture

by Jason Stotts For anyone who is in the Southern California area and who wants to hear me speak, I’ll be giving a live lecture in two weeks, on Saturday February 11th, in Riverside California.  Details can be found at www.SoCalObjectivists.com.

Chicago Minicon

by Jason Stotts I want to thank everyone who attended my lecture over the weekend at COSCon.  I hope that everyone found it interesting and engaging.  If you’re interested in further readings, I recommend starting with the following: 1. “Of Living Death,” The Objectivist.  Especially 530-531. (Or: The Voice of Reason, 46-63.) 2. “Francisco’s Sex Speech,” from Atlas Shrugged, […]

Sex at Dawn

by Jason Stotts I’ve recommended the book Sex at Dawn a number of times now, both in person and online.  It’s a very interesting book about the sexual history of the human species and I think it proves that humans are not naturally monogamous.  I highly, and enthusiastically, recommend it, even though it does contain […]

Secularism and Sex Survey Update

by Jason Stotts Some of you may recall that I posted a call for my readers to go and participate in the “Sex and Secularism Survey” that Dr. Darrel Ray (of The God Virus fame) put out in January.  The results of the survey are now available on his website http://ipcpress.com/ (you have to register for […]

Important Moments in Condom History

by Jason Stotts The American Social Health Association has a really interesting feature up right now called “Important Moments in Condom History.” Check it out, you’ll probably learn a thing or two. Interesting fact: did you know Trojan was the first latex condom?  They should probably put that in their advertising.

Sex Tips #2: Lube is Your Friend

by Jason Stotts Some people think that using lube means admitting defeat; that it is a blight on a woman’s vagina for not producing enough natural lubricant.  Well, I don’t agree!  First, lube can be used for all sorts of things, not just vaginal sex.  Lube is an absolute necessity for all forms of anal […]

Male Contraception on the Way?

by Jason Stotts The Hindustan Times and the Scotsman (okay, I’m really not sure of these sources here, but they were the best I could find) are reporting that the WHO has been conducting trials on a new male contraceptive jab (shot) that seems to be passing trials with flying colors: The World Health Organisation […]