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Erosophia Podcast #21: An Interview with Progressive Swingers

  In this episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, Devin, and William interview a couple (Mark and Susie) who engage in progressive swinging. Sponsor: Kasidie Get a free 90 day trial by signing up with the banner link!  Make sure to friend us on Kasidie (Erosophia) and check out our group: http://www.kasidie.com/communities/Erosophia Today’s Topic: An Interview with Progressive […]

Erosophia Podcast #11: An Interview with Stan and Wendy on Swinging

In this episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, William, and Joia talk about swinging.  There’s also an interview with Stan and Wendy, two real life swingers about their experiences in the lifestyle. News 1. Exodus International closes and apologizes 2. Kegels versus Squats 3. Lesbians marry across the street from Westboro baptist church!  Betty Dodson – […]

Erosophia Podcast #10: Swinging

In this episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, William, and Joia talk about swinging. Questions I’m in an open relationship, but I’m not at all out. I’m really attracted to a girl in a presumably monogamous relationship. The feelings are decidedly mutual, and we’ve been flirting an increasing amount over the past year. She worries […]

Polysexuality and Cultural Acceptability

The current US population is 313,914,040 people, 313 million people. If you put all those polysexual people in one state it would be the 5th most populated state in the US. That those 5% of the US population, those 1 in 20 people feel ashamed at their desires and feel like they’ll be rejected by society at large. There are more polysexuals than gay people.

Playboy’s Swing – Season 2

by Jason Stotts I get a lot of questions related to Playboy’s TV show “Swing” after putting up an episode of it last year.  The questions are mostly if I have access to other free episodes (I don’t) and if I know if there will be a second season.  Well, I’m happy to say that […]

Playboy’s Swing Season 2

by Jason Stotts I found out recently from Kasidie that Playboy TV is currently having a casting call for new people for the second season of their reality TV show “Swing.”  I talked about it briefly in February (link), but I think it’s grew that Playboy is trying to show swinging in a realistic light […]

Sexual Distinctions: Candaulism, Cuckold, Threesomes

by Jason Stotts In this post, I want to draw some distinctions between different, but somewhat similar, sexual practices. Candaulism Candaulism is a term that comes to us from the Greek myth of King Candaules. In the myth, the king surreptitiously reveals his wife to one of his ministers. The sexual practice, then, is when […]

Letter from a Reader

by Jason Stotts I rarely get comments on my blog.  Even more rarely do I get letters from readers.  Thus, sometimes I feel like I’m writing Erosophia for myself, like I have no readers.  Not that I actually believe it, since I know that I actually have thousands, but that I get burnt out on […]