At the Erosophia Podcast, we cut to the core of complicated and interesting issues in sex and sexuality. We don’t shy away from moral judgments, we don’t hold back in our analyses: in short, we give you the unfiltered truth and challenge your convictions and assumptions about sexuality.

Our Bios:

Jason lives in Los Angeles and is an aspiring philosopher, whose philosophy is based on Egoistic Eudaimonism in the tradition of Aristotle and Ayn Rand.  He specializes in sexual ethics and sexuality from a theoretical perspective.

William lives in Los Angeles where he works on computers all week and looks for his future husband on the weekends in Long Beach and West Hollywood. He has a Masters from Johns Hopkins University focusing on management and is interested in personality theory and communication.

Joia lives in New York City where she obtained her M.Phil. in English & American Literature from NYU. Her intellectual interests pertain to philosophical psychology, particularly questions of motivation and ultimate ends. She is also currently pursuing professional work in mindbody fitness.

Devin is a former model and fitness instructor, currently working with children and adults in a therapeutic setting. She is interested in consensual non-monogamy and the exploration of social norms.

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