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Formspring: When is Sex Appropriate?

by Jason Stotts I’ve received another question from Formspring, this one about when it’s appropriate to have sex. When is it an appropriate time in a relationship to have sex? How do you know when one should? I have very little experience in this arena (I’m a 20 year old male in college), and don’t […]


by Jason Stotts I got an e-mail from a reader the other day about an interesting idea called “quirkyalone.” First, though, I’d like to point out that “Jason Stotts” is not a nom de plume, but is actually my real name.  So, anyone writing me can feel free to address me simply as Jason, no other […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!

by Jason Stotts Although I know that many do not like Valentine’s Day, whether for good reasons like love should be celebrated everyday or shallow reasons like a hatred of cards and gifts, I think Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to remember our lovers and why we love them and to show them how […]

Aporia: Love

by Jason Stotts Aporia (Gr.) – a difficulty encountered in establishing the theoretical truth of a proposition, created by the presence of evidence both for and against it. Here, I am going to just think through some of the problems related to love.  I’m not necessarily looking for answers here and you should be forewarned […]

Is Love a Zero-Sum Game?

by Jason Stotts Many people tend to assume that love is a zero-sum game and I think that that’s an interesting assumption.  In order to figure out if it’s true, let’s take a look at what it would mean and see if we can come to understand whether love is, in fact, a zero-sum game. […]

Subtle Love

by Jason Stotts It’s surprising how much being in love with a worthy lover can change you. I find it’s primarily the little things that have changed for me. For example, the other morning I was moved watching a beautiful sunrise. In fact, I’ve recently begun to notice how prevalent beauty is in the world. […]