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Erosophia Podcast #10: Swinging

In this episode of the Erosophia Podcast, Jason, William, and Joia talk about swinging. Questions I’m in an open relationship, but I’m not at all out. I’m really attracted to a girl in a presumably monogamous relationship. The feelings are decidedly mutual, and we’ve been flirting an increasing amount over the past year. She worries […]

On Polysexuality (Revised)

by Jason Stotts   Summary: Our language related to sex must be expanded to capture all of the variations that we see in real life.  And we need to understand this because sex is good and a valuable part of a human life.  The way we structure our relationships and sex lives has a lot of optionality […]

Conclusion to Contra Peikoff on Rape?

by Jason Stotts It’s easy enough to make mistakes.  It is not so easy, however, to admit it when you do so and act to correct your mistake.  Admirably, Leonard Peikoff has done just that, recanting his earlier position on rape, saying: I want to correct a significant error I have made in an earlier […]

Formspring: Sex without Love?

by Jason Stotts Another question from a reader from Formspring: What are your thoughts on relationships that are purely sexual in nature and in which there is no expectation of romance or dating? This is a complicated question. From a moral standpoint, this can be done perfectly morally.  I’ve talked about the criteria for this kind of relationship before […]

Sex at Dawn

by Jason Stotts I’ve recommended the book Sex at Dawn a number of times now, both in person and online.  It’s a very interesting book about the sexual history of the human species and I think it proves that humans are not naturally monogamous.  I highly, and enthusiastically, recommend it, even though it does contain […]

Life on the Swingset

by Jason Stotts Life on the Swingset is a blog and podcast website dedicated to getting good information out there about what it’s really like to be a swinger and on issues related to this.  In an effort to expand the reach of Erosophia, I reached out to them about putting up some of my […]

On Polysexuality (5/5)

by Jason Stotts The Optimal Solution? In order to look more in depth into polysexuality, let us take a look at the two kinds of polysexuality and see which form is more likely to maximize our happiness.  In order to do so, we will assume that a couple can meet all of the above requirements […]

On Polysexuality (4/5)

by Jason Stotts Necessary Conditions for Morally Permissible Polysexuality The necessary conditions to morally engage in polysexuality all stem from the moral standard that we identified earlier: the good is that which improves a person’s life and happiness as well as those of his partner, while the evil is that which harms a person’s life […]