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Sex Tips #11: Adapt and Overcome

by Jason Stotts When we were young and imagined what sex might be like some day, I’m sure we all imagined that it would go perfectly. That things would just magically happen and everything would just work. However, those of us who have had sex before know that sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes […]

Sex Tips #10: Buy in Bulk

by Jason Stotts Buying in bulk, buying a larger quantity than you immediately need in order to get a per-unit discount, is a very good method for saving money in general and sex is no exception.  Condoms and lube can be expensive, but if you buy them in bulk through places like Amazon, you can […]

Sex Tips #9: It’s Only Kinky the First Time

by Jason Stotts I think one major thing that a lot of people need to get past in order to make their sex lives better is the idea that kinky is the same as being bad or immoral.    It is not necessarily these things at all.  A “kinky” sex act is one that is just […]

Sex Tips #8: Enthusiasm

by Jason Stotts There are few qualities relating to sex that are as attractive as enthusiasm.  Indeed, enthusiasm can make up for a quite a bit in other departments and it’s lack can seriously undermine even the best of other qualities.  Enthusiasm can turn what would have been a mediocre sexual encounter into an exceptional […]

Sex Tips #7: Communication is Key

by Jason Stotts I remember a song from when I was growing up that said: “If you want to be happy for the rest of your life, take an ugly girl for your wife.”  Although I always thought the song was funny, it’s not particularly realistic.  But, is there anything you can do to be […]

Sex Tips #6: Sex is like Pool

by Jason Stotts For anyone who has ever played pool before, you know that although there are sticks, balls, and holes, these are not what pool is all about.  Pool is all about the angles and having proper control over your stick in order to make it in the hole. I submit that sex is […]

Sex Tips #5: Cold Showers

by Jason Stotts A common cultural idea is that a cold shower can chill one’s sexual desires: a quenching of the flames of passion, if you will.  It makes some sense, especially prima facie, as any man can tell you that cold water does have “shrinking” effect on the penis.  However, while a cold shower […]

Sex Tips #4: Try New Things

by Jason Stotts “Try new things.”  You hear this all the time in regards to sex, so much so that it has become a bromide.  But, nevertheless, the advice is often not heeded.  So, let’s take a look at what this might mean. Is your sex life the same week after week?  You find time […]