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Sex Tips #3: Rags

by Jason Stotts Today’s tip is a simple one, but one that I know not everyone has thought of.  The tip is this: keep rags by your bed. Imagine this: you are in a fluid bonded relationship, you get tested and it comes back clean, you stop using condoms, you have sex and semen ends […]

Sex Tips

by Jason Stotts My regular readers will remember a feature I started called “Sex Tips” in which I gave simple tips for how to improve your sex life.  I had originally intended to make Sex Tips a regular feature, but after the launch of it and the first two tips, I scrapped it because of […]

Sex Tips #2: Lube is Your Friend

by Jason Stotts Some people think that using lube means admitting defeat; that it is a blight on a woman’s vagina for not producing enough natural lubricant.  Well, I don’t agree!  First, lube can be used for all sorts of things, not just vaginal sex.  Lube is an absolute necessity for all forms of anal […]

Sex Tips #1: Pee After Sex

by Jason Stotts I’m starting a new series called “Sex Tips” that I think will help people out in their daily sex lives. For anyone who already knows these tips, they may seem obvious, but for those of you who don’t know about them, they can be very helpful. The first tip I have is […]